The Mill – BTS The Human Race

Pretty sure the title of the film alludes to the demise of real people – or anything else for that matter – on screen. This technology is awesome but heading full digital leaves me feeling a bit bored by it’s perfection. ‘Behind the scenes’ videos of the future will become nothing more than a rendering showcase … give me the twisted metal and scorching flames of Mad Max: Fury Road over CGI any day of the week. (more…)

Hyo Joo vs. The Mill + Vogue + Lacey

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Order of adjectives chosen so as to cause minimal disrespect: Sensational female Korean longboarder Hyo Joo (longboarding Korean sensational female?) – who went viral with this a couple years back – drives this fashion piece for Vogue. Produced by The Mill and directed by Lacey pretty much everything here from performance to ‘so future’ styling to pacing, post and music, is on point.