Script-to-Screen Video Production

  • Bespoke HD & 4K video production, concept thru creation.
  • 360VR video production up to 6K.
  • Specialise in short form content (music videos, corporate promos, online content).
  • Long form project support: Production services, cinematography, image post + audio post.
  • Digital imaging specialists.

Idea-to-Installation Visual Production

  • Content for custom screen sizes and esoteric applications.
  • Visual, video, audio and DMX lighting integration.
  • Site specific projection mapping (indoor / outdoor).
  • Animated cues or entirely procedural visuals +/- interactivity.

In-house Image Services

  • HD, 2K and 4K digital pipeline.
  • High frame rate (slow motion) videography: 4K @ 60FPS / 2K @ 240FPS / 1K @ 960FPS
  • Aerial drone production, fully certified (partners).
  • 3-axis cinema gimbal and certified Steadicam (partners).
  • Full Frame, Super35, APS-C cameras.
  • Zeiss cinema glass w/ Formatt Hitech & LockCircle filters.
  • True 10-bit colour monitoring.

Contact us with your project ideas – or pitch brief – and we’ll respond with a detailed project scope and quotation.