Recently got hold of an iPhone 7+ and along with iOS 10 comes mobile RAW / DNG photography and image editing. After demoing a number of RAW camera apps one stands out above the rest: PureShot (or just ‘Pure’ as the phone icon is labelled) by –

At HKD $23 (USD $4) it’s a steal. For mobile phone photography I don’t really need full manual all the time – even though PureShot gives you complete control over ISO, shutter speed, focusing, white balance etc. etc.; everything apart from aperture – but what I do want is the ability to shoot Auto with -2/3 EV to keep highlights, plus flexible exposure bracketing. PureShot does this and a lot more.

Attached below are screen caps of the menu pages, there is much tweakability on offer. PureShot in combination with a RAW colour correction apps like 500px’s RAW (simple, quick) or VSCO (my goto) or even Adobe Lightroom for iOS (fully featured, caveat below) allows for the image quality of impromptu mobile photography to remain very high.

Dedicated photographers will still rely on fully featured camera equipment but you don’t always have a DSLR or mirrorless in your pocket. For USD $4 PureShot gives you the absolute next best thing.

Comprehensive histogram, peaking and exposure zebras are a godsend. My only wish would be for a video style stacked RGB waveform.

(Note: I hate Adobe’s enforced sandboxing of photos taken with the Lightroom mobile app; you can only transfer RAW photos taken within LR mobile via an Adobe cloud account to Lightroom on a desktop. If you don’t want or have Lightroom Desktop or a cloud account, you can’t get your RAW photos off the mobile device. I understand the business sentiment behind the limitation but this kind of thing puts me right off using an app no matter how good might be. If however you have the desktop version of Lightroom, using Lightroom mobile is a no brainer.)