Click on the link below to download this handy workflow I threw together in Automator – designed to make multi-cam GoPro file handling a lot faster and simpler. Can be easily tweaked for other cameras if necessary.

Rename Files using Folder Name then Archive LRV and

To install, just unzip and copy into ~/User/Library/Services/ and that’s it.

To run, watch the video above for a demo. Rename the ingested ‘GOPRO101’ folder to ‘CamA’ or ‘CamB’ or ‘CamC’ whatever … right click on ONE FOLDER AT A TIME and the action is found under Services. It will rename all the files by appending the enclosing folder name ( for example), safely archive all the (typically useless) THM / LRV files into one single ZIP file and job done.

You can also edit the Workflow in Automator and tweak settings for other brands of cameras. If you have any questions, contact me but it’s pretty obvious.

Use at your own risk, no liability on my part, don’t be a moron and run this on important footage (despite the fact I happily use this several times a day) … so make sure you know what you’re doing before you do it … you know, like crossing the road; not dangerous unless you’re dozy.