Free GoPro App: GoFlip

GoFlip is a simple flip-book application that connects to your GoPro Hero 5 Black via wifi.

It pulls (a copy of) all the JPG files from the SD card and creates a RAM preview of your time-lapse / hyper-lapse / stop motion without requiring the GoPro to be touched, switched off, interrupted, tethered or otherwise molested. (more…)

Clean 4K from GoPro Hero 5 Black HDMI

Video above has details but the headline says it all really. The GoPro Hero 5 Black’s HDMI port spits out clean UHD / 4K when in Live mode. For such a small camera, this is completely nuts. Will take a look at the actual signal tomorrow but as far as my AJA HA5-4K and Convergent Design 7Q are concerned this GoPro lives up to it’s hero moniker. (more…)

New 360 Tools: Mocha VR

Having been in beta for a while I’m genuinely excited to see Mocha (of the camera tracker fame) releasing VR tools for heavy duty 360 post-production. Dozens of useful features – rig clean-up, roto, tracking etc. – have been carried over from the original Mocha software into spherical space, plus the arrival of some new tools like re-orient and lens compositing.

Everything is explained in depth on the product page, and this post would be remiss without a video so put the kettle on and plough through all these. Will it replace the Mettle SkyBox workflow? For me, probably yes. (more…)

Upgrading a 2010 MacPro for 2017

Got an ageing MacPro 5,1 / 4,1 kicking around your studio? Casting glances at Apple’s trashcan but reluctant to dump a lot of money into a 3-year old, closed box system with limited internal upgrade potential? Can’t wait for Apple to release the *new* MacPro (if they ever do) and not quite ready for Windows or a Hackintosh?

Welcome to my world. (more…)